Accessories Every Man Should Own

Ladies, don’t let men fool you. They love accessories just as much as women do. Whether you’re a man shopping for yourself, or you’re a woman shopping for a man in her life, below are some popular male accessories that every man should own.

Aviator sunglasses: These classic sunglasses have been popular for decades and will make any face shape look cool. Aviator shades come and go popularity, but they will be making a big hit again this summer. You can get them in different color lenses and frames, or polarized for more eye protection. Don’t just protect your eyes, do it in style! You can find aviator glasses in a wide range of prices, from $2 at a drug store to $200 at a name brand store like Gucci or Ray-Ban. You can also look online for wholesalers who sell wholesale fashion sunglasses — you’re very likely to find quality shades for a lot less than in stores.

Cuff links: If you want to add a drop of sophistication to your wardrobe, then there’s no better way to do it then with cuff links. Wearing nice cuff links to any occasion takes your outfit from plain to fabulous in no time. There are tons of varieties of cuff links, from vintage to professional to tuxedo studs. You can even get specially made engraved cuff links with whatever you want on them. If you’re overwhelmed by the variety and aren’t sure which ones to get, it’s always a safe bet to just get silver cuff links. They go great with anything you wear and add the perfect amount of class to your look.

Scarf: Scarves don’t need to be saved only for the winter. Scarves can add some style to your wardrobe without you having to do anything else. Men’s scarves tend to be more simple than women’s. Cashmere and wool are favorite fabrics for men’s scarves. Although some men like design more than others, most men would probably prefer a solid colored tie, such as black, gray or dark blue.

Wallet: You may think this is more of a necessity than an accessory, but many men actually go without wallets and stuff all their things in their pockets. Silly, I know, but it’s true. Do yourself or whoever you’re shopping for a favor and get him a good quality wallet that will last him for years. Women may like wallets in loud colors with bold designs on them, but men favor a simple black or brown wallet in good quality leather.