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3 Ideas for Practical and Stylish Gifts for Men and Women

Whether you are shopping for a birthday present or for a gift to mark another special occasion, selecting a present that is both classy and useful can be difficult.

This is true for of both men’s and women’s gifts, although many find it even more complicated when it comes to buying for the opposite sex.

With that said, there are a few great ideas for gifts that can be given to both men and women, and are sure to be much appreciated by whoever receives them. Instead of the engraved pen or the box of expensive chocolates, try choosing one of the following items next time you need to invest in a practical and stylish present for someone.

One exceptionally classy and stylish item that you can buy for a gift – whether for a family member or a colleague – is a leather holdall bag. Whether small or large, these items will come in extremely handy for any recipient, allowing them to take their essential belongings with them on a business trip or a weekend city break.

The leather holdall bag is a good choice as it not only looks good, but is also extremely practical. As people travel often these days, having a sturdy bag to transport clothes and other items around is a necessity, and this item fits this role perfectly.

The other advantage of the leather holdall bag is that it is made of a tough, resistant material, and often features a classic, unisex design. Like the engraved pen mentioned earlier, this type of item will be used and appreciated due to the sheer quality of the item, and suits and can be used by both men and women.

Another idea for a practical and stylish gift – especially for those who travel a great deal for business – is a classy leather travel wallet. Like the leather holdall bag, this item often comes in a classic, unisex design, making it a great gift for a variety of people. As well as being stylish in design, a leather travel wallet is resistant enough to put up with a lot of use.

A travel wallet differs from a normal wallet in that it can hold more items and important documents than other wallets and purses, and therefore is exceptionally handy for businesspeople and those who are travelling extensively and need to carry a large number of tickets and cards with them.

Although this is an extremely useful item, not everyone who travels already has one, which is why buying this kind of gift is a good choice for the person that already ‘has everything’. A travel wallet can make travelling a great deal easier, and choosing to gift a high quality leather design will guarantee that it will be used.

The final suggestion for a useful yet stylish gift is a high quality computer case, designed specifically to transport laptops and other fragile hardware around. Again, this is a good choice for both friends and colleagues, as many people use and transport laptops in their daily lives, whether for business, study or pleasure.

The key here is to look for a computer case that looks good as well as provides excellent protection for a laptop; unlike the leather holdall bag or travel wallet, there are many cheaper computer cases on the market that may deliver some protection but are unfortunately lacking in the looks department.

To find one that has achieved a balance between style and substance, seek out a reputable retailer of travel goods and bags, as they will often be able to advise you on the right choice for your specific needs.Whichever one of these three ideas that you choose, the recipient of your gift is sure to be delighted with their well-made, practical and well thought-out present.

Where to Find Mens Scarves in Paris

Due to the increasing demands of scarves by French men, these are made widely available in Paris at the following houses of fashion: Hermis Paris, Galleries Lafayette, Paris by Appointment Only, Laurence Bossion, Scarf Aid, John Galliano, Givenchy, L’inde Le Palais, and Belisi.

French men love to wear neck scarves as their accessories. For this reason, French designers are continuously creating new lines of scarf designs, which are available at the following stores in Paris:

Hermis paris –

Hermes of Paris belongs to the Hermes International, which has been granted the right to sell Hermes products like contemporary scarves and ties for men through the Internet. However, its principal office is located at 55 East 59th Street, New York.

Galleries Lafayette –

This is a retail store where floors 0-3 contain most of the fashion and accessories both for men and women. Almost all kinds of wearable items are found available there. You just have to exert more time and patience in order to find the men’s scarves department.

Paris by appointment only –

Melleur Ami, founded by Fabien Larchez’, is a brand of accessories specializing on bags and scarves. All their scarves come in limited edition, which is only about 3-6 scarves per fabric. The materials used are silk, cotton, linen, wool, and even leather – all fabricated depending on the climate and occasion.

Laurence bossion –

From, you can get a long list of fashion designers in the likes of Laurence Bossion, specializing on scarves, gloves, and bags.

Scarf aid –

This site features the top French designers for men’s scarves namely Fendi, Versace, Armani Valentino and more. Just check out their respective sites to find out more about their designs.

John Galliano –

A famous designer who was featured in, is John Galliano who flaunted his new designs of luxurious scarves and bows. He has his own fashion house, which showcases all his fashion ideas.

Givenchy –

Another designer of a French brand of clothing and accessories is Hubert de Givenchy. Scarves for men and women are among his top quality collections.

L’inde le Palais –

Lindstore features the signature scarves of Lavin, a famous French designer. Scarves for both men and women are sold at a very expensive price due to its popular brand name.

Belisi –

Here at Belisi, various scarves like men’s, signature, theme, designer’s, winter scarves are sold. The available designs include harmony pink pocket, Veronica pocket squares, white tiger pocket and more.

The Best Ways to Utilize Biker Jewelry

What makes a real biker is the different type accessories. Such accessories have a way of adding spark to the biker instinct that lies within the individual. It is fair to say biker accessories reflects the true biker within, it brings out the true wild side and attitude of bikers.

The recent fashion trend in town is biker jewelry accessories, most men and women have been spot with such accessories. This trend began in the 1950’s, it is a popular trend that has come to stay. There is so much love for the lifestyle of bikers because it symbolizes intensity, freedom, and wildness. Biker accessories allow people to flaunt their lighthearted look in a fashionable way.

There are different designs of biker jewelry, most of these designs derived inspiration from tattoos of different tribes such as signs, skulls, and flames. The jewelries are accurately handcrafted with unique intricate patterns and designs. The different metals used to make such jewelries include platinum, sterling, and silver.

There are so many ways to utilize biker accessories to reflect the true nature of a biker, some of the common ways is briefly highlighted below;

1. Motorcycle bracelets are suitable accessories for any biker. Asides being a fashionable accessory for comfort and protection of the bikers’ wrist, it is a funky and cool accessory. Motorcycle bracelets can also be complemented with a black leather jacket or vest.

2. Biker necklaces with an edgy and funky style can be used as suitable accessories for trendy biker outfits. It emanates the true nature of the biker, such necklaces pass across a carefree fashion statement. It could be made of spikes, skulls, or any other suitable design. It is a must have accessory for any tough biker.

3. Skull rings are an amazing accessory for any biker. There are so many exquisite designs of skull rings that can add a sense of style to your true biker personality. It is a distinct jewelry that makes you look attractive while you ride on the bike. It shows attitude, confidence, and toughness in a major way. It is a must have for every biker.

4. Another creative way to make the best of biker accessories is by wearing intricately crafted buckles and pendants. It is a creative way to accessorize; it can be used stylishly with necklaces or bracelets. It also passes a carefree fashion statement that is synonymous with the attitude of a rough and tough biker. Biker buckles and pendants are available in a variety of snazzy designs.

5. Another amazing accessory for biker is earrings. What I love about this accessory is that it looks great on both women and men, but it is mostly seen on women. It’s a subtle way to add that funky edge and style to your outfit. It also accentuates facial features. It also comes in various designs and patterns.

Moda in Pelle Shoes Shop For Right Accessories

Fashion has taken an important seat in our life. Today’s men and women are more conscious about their look and presentation than the people of the past. Many of us remain obsessed with our looks while going for any occasion or event.

Selecting any costume, shoe or accessory becomes a time-taking and difficult task for us as we want to opt for the right item that can give us a perfect look. It is true that today’s competitive world demands talent and good look. Both are important. From costume, accessory, shoe to jewellery, everything should be selected after enough consideration. Whether you are going out for a party, or office conference, you need to look beautiful and smart.

Shoe is an important part of women’s fashion wardrobe.

It plays a great role in making any woman look smart and elegant. Whether you are a model, a journalist or a teacher, it is very crucial to wear the right pair of shoe. Apart from the style, you also need to pay much attention to the comfort factor. Wearing an uncomfortable shoe can make your feet feel exhausted and tired. You may find it painful to walk wearing such footwear. That is why it is wise to select a shoe that is made from good quality material and offers comfort. Moda in pelle shoes fulfills both the criteria. They offer comfort thereby making your feet look elegant and attractive.

There are various types of shoes to choose from. While buying the shoe, you need to consider the purpose. If you are planning to go out for a friend’s party or any special event it is better to give much priority to the style factor. You need to look glamorous and stylish. Selecting Moda in pelle shoes is a great idea.

It is wise to do some research on this issue before taking any definite decision on this issue. You can scroll through the net and gather much information about the manufacturers and the products offered by them. Read the comments and the reviews of the people. It will surely add to your benefit. You can take the right decision.

You need to keep in mind certain important things. Style and comfort are two of the crucial factors that you need to consider while purchasing a shoe. Make it sure that the shoe compliments your physique and it fits well. Choosing high heeled shoes is not a great idea for the people who are overweight. It can become difficult for them to walk by wearing high heeled footwear.

Quality is a crucial factor to consider that you need to consider while purchasing shoes. It is better to opt for a shoe that is durable and flexible and offers comfort. Make it sure that it offers firm grip while you are walking. Moda in pelle shoe is one of the best options. They offer quality and stylish footwear for many years. They have a stylish and sleek design that has increased their popularity. They can add style and beauty to your personality thereby making you look more attractive.

My Man is Fashion Impaired

“Are you really going to wear that?” This is the age-old phrase heard around the nation from women of all ages desperate to enhance their man’s wardrobe. Whether it’s acid-washed tapered jeans, plaid shirts or an addiction to the standard polo shirt, history (and dating) has proven certain (alright, most) men have a noticeable lack of fashion sense.

Despite some men’s shortcomings as a fashion maven, there is help readily available in the form of men’s fashion magazines, Web sites offering advice and tips on the latest looks and makeover shows on TV. But the most important remedy for the male fashion crisis is the in-house stylist, also known as their better half (ie: their girlfriend/wife). That’s right ladies, the editors at Men’s Vogue and Esquire might not be able to get through to your man but chances are that you can.

Behind every great man is a great woman. That means that if a man looks sharp, he probably has his girlfriend or wife to thank. Purchasing a tie, wallet or shirt for your man might even be the ultimate act of women’s lib. Or it may just be an easier way to be seen in public with your man; you decide.

According to Anna Miller, owner and CEO of, which was named “Best of the Web” by People Magazine StyleWatch Fall 2006 for discount high-end designer accessories, there has been a jump in men’s accessory sales. “I have women contacting me all the time to purchase a designer wallet or tie for their guy,” says Miller. “They tell me they know their husband or boyfriend won’t wear the pants or shirt they buy them, but they will use the wallet, tie, belt, cufflinks, etc.”

You can help too, whether it’s starting out with a nice Calvin Klein leather wallet or the ever-stylish Gucci version (for the less budget-conscious). This subtle enhancement can slowly evolve into an entire wardrobe makeover. What starts with a wallet can progress into a new tie and belt and eventually become a new shirt, sweater, pants and suit. Your man will appreciate your interest in his appearance, and he’ll be very happy once he sees the results.

You know your man’s Velcro contraption (When did he buy that? The ’80s?) or that wallet he’s had since college? Imagine having it replaced by a gorgeous black leather Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. These choices won’t break your budget and will help make him look fashionable. How about accenting that boring black suit (at least it was black when he bought it) with a silk grey Armani tie?

With the online holiday shopping season just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to help your man. If you don’t want to lose precious shopping time hitting the streets, online shopping is the perfect alternative for shoppers who seek comfort (from their own home) and time conservation (traveling time not required).

When looking for perfect holiday gifts at discount prices, shop early for the best deals. Discount designer men’s accessories are perfect gifts and just the right size for stocking stuffers. Here’s some nifty inexpensive designer man-things. Search Google for Burberry designer cufflinks, Paul Smith designer cufflinks, Armani designer silk tie, Ralph Lauren designer wallet, Gucci designer key ring, Dolce & Gabbana designer key ring, Burberry designer silk tie, Hermes designer silk pocket scarf, Latico designer briefcase, Burberry designer belt, and the list goes on and on.

Some men’s designer accessories to can help save your partner (and maybe even your relationship) can be found online at prices that don’t break the budget. Below are some of the best fashion gift ideas at perfect price points (below retail) for the man in your life. Copy and paste the search terms listed below into the search function for the best prices online:

o ARMANI silk tie in cream – $77
o BURBERRY golf balls and case – $99
o CALVIN KLEIN designer travel bag – $24
o PRADA designer tie mens designer silk neck tie wine – $139
o HERMES silk tie neck tie mens tie. Style 5062 – $139
o GUCCI designer wallet mens wallet GG black denim – $210
o GUCCI designer wallet black leather bi-fold wallet mens – $209
o DOLCE & GABBANA Bi Fold Wallets for Men – $79
o BURBERRY mens neck tie designer tie check pattern light blue – $119
o LATICO designer handbags black leather laptop brief case – $182
o BURBERRY Designer Mens Belt. All Sliver Buckle – $88
o RALPH LAUREN designer wallet mens ID case black – $39
o PRADA designer wallet Saffiano Leather Wallet M1077 – $249

These are merely suggestions and helpful hints. The rest is up to you. It’s time to get to work ladies! Fill those holiday gift requirements with something designer for your man. You’ll both be glad you did.